South Asia Women's Fund: A Unique Approach to Philanthropy

South Asia Women's Fund's film on its unique perspective and women's rights funding in the South Asia region. Hear from key people in the organisation as well as organisations and activists who have received SAWF's support on the importance of the critical funding SAWF provides. 

Tulika Srivastava at #CGI2015

SAWF Executive Director Tulika Srivastava speaks to students from Laureate International Universities at the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting #‎CGI2015 about what inspires her to work for women's rights, and the need to stand behind the most marginalised women and support their struggles.

Melinda Gates, Kalki Koechlin and Suneeta Dhar on She The People

Suneeta Dhar, founder-director SAWF, talks about equality at work place, unpaid care work, and much more on 'She The People'! She speaks about women's engagement in multiple livelihoods, which somehow is not captured all the time in the national statistics, and remains undercounted, undervalued. She goes on to speak about how 'policies are informed by a patriarchal lens' and that 'women are actually subsidising the state.'


In January 2016, South Asia Women's Fund along with Global Fund for Women presented a session on anti-trafficking in the context of labour and migrant rights at the International Human Rights Funders Group meeting in San Francisco. Here are some of the voices from the field, compiled in a short video for presentation at the event.


Access to Justice: The short film is a glimpse into the stories of legal fellows that SAWF has come to support under its Access to Justice thematic. It was presented at the fundraiser round table on violence against women hosted by SAWF chair Priya Paul in May 2015. In its first outing in such a space, the SAWF team communicated its approach to the issue of access to justice for women survivors, with particular focus on the Indian context. In shorts, the fellowship grant, launched in 2013, provides financial and technical support, as well as regional networking opportunities to women lawyers working at the primary courts in Bangladesh India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka to facilitate access to justice for women in sexual violence and family law cases.